Posted on Oct 24, 2018

Fresh Seafood

Everyone loves seafood and why not? Not only are they delicious, they are incredibly healthy
as well as they contain virtually no calories. But in order to enjoy the best seafood has to
offer, it is imperative you dine with the absolute best bearing in mind that seafood can be a
dangerous thing if you don’t eat the best. At Limani, we offer the best in value, service,
atmosphere and not least, Mediterranean food NYC . We guarantee you the freshest
seafood flown straight from the coastal shores to be expertly prepared to your liking in
traditional Mediterranean style.
Spanning our own North American waters to the seas of the Mediterranean, Limani presents
the world’s finest fish, live lobster, grilled on the charcoal - subject to availability. In efforts to
source the best product, we often discover exceptional varieties of fish that are not reflected
on our menu. Please feel free to visit Limani’s open fish market to see our daily selection.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:14731376180672202243