Posted on Oct 24, 2018


Affordable Prices for 5 Star Dishes

Oct 24, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019
At Limani, we believe in eating the food you love, with the people you love and that’s why we work so tirelessly to embody the spirit and culture of the Mediterranean in atmosphere, ambiance and cuisine. Rich in healthy oils, fresh vegetables, lean protein and wholesome grains, our food is delicious, super clean, and incredibly healthy. As providers of the best Mediterranean food NYC , our menu spans the gambit from the classic and traditional, to modern takes and spins on old favorites. We creatively and eloquently meld your favorite Mediterranean staples into delectable dishes, carefully prepared to tantalize and awaken your senses. From traditional olive oils, to fresh bread, pasta and seafood, we have a little of something for every patron and preference.  Not to mention our broad selection of fine wines to make for a perfect companion to your meal.  We bring a unique style and presentation that you won’t find at other restaurants and a flare for both classical and modern takes on traditional dishes.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:14731376180672202243
Valid Oct 24, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019